"I can thoroughly recommend this magnificent book to anyone
who has an interest in the well-being of children in any capacity."
Michael G. Coxe, Headmaster, Longford Park School, U.K.

 Patricia L. Scott

128 pages

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Mini Mocho Press

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A Journey Out of Bullying:
From Despair to Hope

A twelve-year-old boy is bullied. Millions of other kids are bullied too, each day, but this instance is different. His mom goes into action and the bullying ends.

She then writes the book you have in your hand, a special book in plain language, about her journey to save her son and her family She talks to other parents, school officials, the police, experts in the field of bullying, and especially to the kids themselves. She listens, reads, and finds out all she can.

A Journey Out of Bullying is a book for parents and children in crisis, a useful book about the nitty-gritty of daily life, an essential book for the day your child refuses to leave home and face a bully outside one more time.

Itís an easily digested book that one mother wrote after she saved her son, a book packed with essential information that you, a worried parent or a bullied child, can use immediately because you need answers fast. A Journey Out of Bullying is a friend when you really need comfort, advice, and hope.

Patricia L. Scott, the author, is a devoted mom, a community person, an impressive writer and artist, and a dedicated and unstoppable dynamo on behalf of her kids.

Her experiences come from life as it is lived in families, schools, and in communities and so do her answers that she offers to you in the pages of this book. Her son was bullied, this is what she did, successfully, and this is what you too can do to rescue your child from a lifetime of fear and shame.

A Journey Out of Bullying is a remarkable story, an inspiring account of Patricia L. Scottís own "Journey Out of Bullying." Parent or child, it might become your story too.

James Strecker, 2005
Mini Mocho Press

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