"I create to feed my creativity. It's the process not the finished product
which makes me want to do more. Art is a game. The next move may be a written piece
or a photo but the game is never won. It's just played." {P. L. Scott}

 About the Author

Patricia L. Scott

Patricia Scott lives in Southern Ontario. She is the mother of two sons, a freelance writer and works for a financial institution. Her articles have appeared in The Hamilton Spectator and Niagara This Week. A Journey Out of Bullying is her first book and she is now working on two other books.

She is also a fractal artist, a photographer, a web site designer, and an occasional poet. Patricia is available for public speaking engagements on bullying and may be contacted at this site. (Author's photos by James Strecker)

To view some of her art and photography visit her site by clicking on the link below.

A Digital World
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