"I create to feed my creativity. It's the process not the finished product
which makes me want to do more. Art is a game. The next move may be a written piece
or a photo but the game is never won. It's just played." {P. L. Scott}


Community Services

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada (BBBSC) is the leading child and youth serving organization providing mentoring programs across the country. Providing support to more than 300 Canadian communities, our over 170 local agencies offer the service that the organization was founded on one-to-one matching. Men and women (age 18 or older) give of their time to become a mentor to a youngster who can greatly benefit from having an adult role model to look up to.

Times change. Volunteers change. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada has also changed. In response to the different needs and demands of children, youth, and volunteers alike, we have created new programs to fit our changing society. Couples for Kids, Cross Gender Matching, Internet Mentoring, In-School Mentoring, BIG/bunch and Kids 'n' Kops group programs (for those kids on the waiting lists), and the new Life Skills Program all provide a variety of opportunities for volunteering and support to children and youth.

For over 80 years, the Big Brothers Big Sisters program has made a difference in the lives of young people by providing a friend where one is needed.


The Canadian Safe School Network

The Canadian Safe School Network (CSSN) is a national, charitable organization dedicated to reducing youth violence and making our schools and communities safer. CSSN was founded in 1997 and grew out of the Ontario Safe School Task Force.

CSSN is a unique organization in Canada and is recognized by national print, television and radio media as a primary source for information and comment on youth violence issues of the day.

CSSN is committed to building and nurturing partnerships that enable the organization to meet its goals. As a result, CSSN works with representatives from police, education, government and the business community across Canada to find new solutions to the problem of youth violence. CSSN has received federal government recognition for consultation to the National Crime Prevention Centre and the Solicitor General of Canada. Further, the organization has received provincial recognition from the government of Ontario in support of its safe school policy.

CSSN raises needed funds through safe school project delivery, special events and corporate and individual donor programs (we are not funded through the government). The generous donations enable CSSN to provide assemblies for schools, send youth to safe school conferences, develop research and conferences for educators, provide information to the public and raise awareness about youth violence issues.


Hamilton Community Foundation

Serving the Community since 1954 Gift by gift and donor by donor, Hamilton Community Foundation has been quietly and effectively building a permanent legacy for the people of Hamilton for 50 years.

Hamilton Community Foundation was the first of its kind in Ontario when it was established in 1954. There are now more than 130 community foundations in Canada.

While building a significant pool of charitable funds for local needs is a key focus for the Foundation, being a catalyst for action and change in the community is also a strategic priority of the Foundation. No one individual or organization can solve the community's challenges, but by working together, significant progress can be achieved. This belief underpins the Foundation's outreach to individuals, organizations and other groups of committed citizens in bringing together a variety of community voices to discuss, plan and act on priorities, encourage collaboration in the search for innovative responses and build the human and financial resources so necessary to the community's future well-being.


Transitions For Youth

Transitions for Youth, formerly Community Resource Services began in 1981 as a small program offshoot of the Burlington Social Planning Council providing services to youth at risk of involvement in the criminal justice system. Now, over twenty two years later, Transitions has grown and expanded to include a wide range of programs, services and supports to vulnerable and at risk children, youth and their families including youth and young adults involved with the criminal justice system.

We believe that by "building on strengths, we can help create brighter futures". Our mission is to help youth achieve success and interact with their communities in a positive way. We do this by providing services that support children, youth and their families in making positive choices in their lives that led to increased opportunities and successful outcomes. We emphasize prevention and early intervention because the research tells us that the earlier we can intervene in an at risk child's life, the more positive the outcome.


United Way

Global Reach and Local Solutions

We are a global network of nonprofit organizations operating in 45 countries. Your United Way is run by people from your community; the important decisions are made at home by people who understand circumstances where they live and work.

Leadership and Partnership

Your United Way brings together leaders from the nonprofit or charitable sector, the for-profit or business sector and even government to identify the top local needs or issues and develop strategies to work together to solve problems in your community.

Resources and Expertise

Your United Way gathers money, goods and volunteer services from all types of donors and distributes this tangible support to the strongest local projects and charitable organizations. United Ways also work closely with companies, foundations and government to help craft their philanthropic strategies for the health of both donors and the communities being served.


In the end, it's not about how much money we raised or how many committed and intelligent people worked together; it's about making permanent changes that improve lives.